About Us

The Compustar is your one stop solution for all of your computer hardware needs. As the No.1 IT solution provider of North Bengal it will give you ultimate end user experience. Just visit us or give us a call. Feel the difference!!! Buy any of the renowned branded digital products or choose your configuration and order us to assemble your DREAM MACHINE – the choice is yours.

Our Services

The Compustar is a premier provider of all types of IT peripherals. We are the No. 1 vendor of Computer and Computer related IT peripherals in Murshidabad district. Since 2002, the year of our inauguration, our journey remained a glorious one. Winged on the three pillars of business – Honesty, Trust and Support we have established ourselves as the most trusted Business House in Murshidabad.

Our Advantage

Using New Technology We are the best to bring you new technology at affordable price. Perfect Support We provide industry’s best balanced support.


 Sukanta Considered by many as the Gadget Guru. He is the Techno Pundit of The Compustar. Incharge of the kitchen … means The Compustar Service station. Known to many as Mr. Cool he is the perfect foil to Pradip.
Pradip One of the two founders of this organization. Schemer, Planner, he has many nicknames under his belt. A perfect mixture of Adventurous Businessman his favorite past time is scouting with his partner Sukanta on their black beast … I mean the mo-bike.